DataAcquisitionAfter a four-month-trial period, flatGEO has finished a datalogger system for consolidation tests on oedometer systems made by Nanjing Soil Instrument company in China.

The flatGEO-datalogger system uses displacement transducers produced by Novotechnik (Germany) with following technical specifications:

Max stroke 10.0 mm
Repeatability 0.002 mm
Operating temperature -30°C ~ +100°C
Protection class IP40

 This datalogger system has some advantages to other datalogger systems:

1) Data could be saved to a MySQL database on a desktop computer or to a SD memory card.

2) The reading intervals could be customized conveniently.

3) The positive direction of transducers could be changed easily.

4) Data can be transferred to a PC via RS-232 or RS-485.